An old man who could easily be mistaken for a bundle of sticks when asleep.


An ancient, at least by the standards of the arena, gladiator who lives in Nibenay. His haggard form is so gaunt and sun-scorched that when sleeping he is often mistaken for a loose bundle of sticks – at least until the “sticks” start to snore.

Timmon has never been a flashy fighter, nor an overly charismatic one, but his simple perseverance has won him a small but loyal following among the fans. His respect for the rules of the arena and deference to the guards has as much to do with his continued well-being as his fighting skills since he seems to always “miss out” on being scheduled for the main event large beast fights or the like.

As with most things in Nibenay there is likely more to Timmon than meets the eye but he tends to keep to himself, keep his head down, and stay out of trouble. Probably a lesson in that somewhere.


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